5 Best Air Swimmers Reviews of 2019 – For a Higher-Quality Version

Your kids now have a new toy they can play with; this is the air swimmers that come with different shapes of their favorite living animal. Because of the demand of these sweet toys, it can be challenging to choose which swimmer will best suit your kids. The best thing is to take a little bit of time read throughout this article, and we are going to give you the best air swimmer that will amaze your kids. Before you get too excited about getting one of this, it is best you consider the price of the air swimmer, the quality other material, ease of use, durability among other great qualities. Here are 5 of the best air swimmer of 2019.

#1. Best Air Swimmers Remote Control Flying Shark

Best Air Swimmers Remote Control Flying Shark

The Flying Shark top the list as the best air swimmers right now, this attributes to the quality of this product that has resulted in a massive purchase. This air swimmer is a remote controlled flying shark that literary swim in the air just like the balloon, filled with enough helium for it to fly in the air. This toy uses a remote control to maneuver the swimmer in the or from room to room though it works correctly in open places like the beach area. The Shark body comprise of durable Nylon that guarantees to hold the helium for weeks. The shark remote is Infra- red controlled and will respond immediately to any function button. The Shark moves in life like motion with realistic graphics that allows the fish to move in any direction.

#2. Angry Birds Air Swimmers Turbo

Angry Birds Air Swimmers Turbo

Angry bird, yes! Your kid can now play with an angry bird in real life. It does not get any funnier than this that you can play the hungry bird game and have the physical version of the same. The Angry bird is easy to assemble and fly, probably in five minutes or less, does not require any manual, just a few adjustments and the angry bird is in the air looking for bad piggies. The Angry bird features to zoom in any direction using an active remote control projecting infra-red, it is a new improved Turbo rechargeable battery that allows your kids to play for a long time and charge while the kid rest.

#3. Remote Control Flying Clownfish

Remote Control Flying Clownfish

Flying Clownfish is one of the top air swimmers that most of the kids approve, the compact size, color and quality attribute to the popularity. Clownfish require enough amount of Helium to float in the air and can be reinflated over and over but stays inflated for more than two weeks until another refill. For the Clownfish to function properly, it will require four AAA batteries where one inserts to the clownfish and three in the remote control. The best feature of the remote is that it function in a range of 40 infra- red distance, this means the fish can fly at a distance above the ground. The clownfish can fly in the front and backward motion and can also make a 360 degrees turn.

#4. Animal Planet Air Swimmers Giant Flying Killer Whale

Animal Planet Air Swimmers Giant Flying Killer Whale

Animal Planet is another air swimmer but has a different form, not that different but that of a larger whale. The Nylon is durable and can handle the landing on the rough surface. The material is stronger and handles enough Helium to fly. This toy uses an extremely high-quality radio control the enable the kids to move the flying whale forward, backwards, up or down. This product is unique but is still available for the kids who love bigger flying fish.

#5. Amscan – 23″ Inflatable Parrot

Amscan 23-Inch Inflatable Parrot

Not every child likes to fly the fish in the air, if your kid loves birds, then the Amscan Inflatable Parrot is the best choice. The parrot is colorful easy to notice in the sky and streamlined just like the parrot so it cannot be blown away by the wind. Like any other air swimmer the inflatable Parrot use the extreme radio remote to control the motion of the air, also, use helium to enable floating. Unlike another air swimmer, the parrot shaped toy can motion just like the real bird in the sky, the difference is that this particular parrot can move backwards.

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